Specializing in American English pronunciation training, my mission is to help you communicate more clearly and confidently in English.


My methods

Unique to YOU

Tailored to your specific needs, each class might include worksheets, reading aloud practice, or conversation with personal feedback.


Communicate more clearly by learning the correct stress placement within words.


We go over vowels and their variations, as well as consonants and their reductions.


Learn the melody of English by practicing the rising and falling intonation patterns.


Individualized Classes

MacBook Pro near white open book
MacBook Pro near white open book

Work with Lillian Diaz for guided feedback on how to improve your accent and pronunciation of American English. Rather than following a set curriculum, each class is tailored to your current and unique needs.

Flexible Scheduling

Elect to schedule full 50-minute class sessions or split them in half to conveniently fit your schedule.


Package Deals

black flat screen tv turned on near green plant
black flat screen tv turned on near green plant

Opt for 6 or 12-class bundles and enjoy substantial savings while committing to clear and confident communication.

Starting at $42 per class

Qiang W.

"Lillian is extremely nice and professional in pronunciation training. With her coaching, my English speaking ability has significantly improved in a few months."

Carlos S.

"Lillian is such a fantastic coach! She is very patient and dedicated to her focus on helping people to improve their communication skills ... I recommend her for everyone."

Happy clients


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